Sep 24, 2016

What Social Security Isn’t Telling You

"...Social Security may be one of the country’s most popular programs, but that doesn’t mean Americans understand it.

Unfortunately, the agency itself may not be giving workers all the information they need to make smart decisions.

Claims specialists helping people file for Social Security often leave out key information or don’t explain choices clearly, according to a new study from the Government Accountability Office.

The online claims process also leaves out some information or could inadvertently sway people’s decisions about when to claim, the study found..."

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Sep 10, 2016

Women Keen to Hear About Plans on Social Security

"...As the presidential election looms, women over 50 in the nation’s key battleground states such as Florida are pushing for answers on how candidates will deal with the country’s outdated Social Security system.

And they want those answers quickly as estimates show that unless the program is updated before 2034, some of its funds will be exhausted..."


Sep 2, 2016

SSA Paid 1.7 Million To Dead Workers

"...The Social Security Administration (SSA) paid more than $1.7 million in benefits to dozens of dead federal government employees, according to an audit report released by the Office of Inspector General.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that the SSA failed to cross-check its death records with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the agency charged with management of federal government employees

Read more:"

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Sep 1, 2016

Woman Struggles to Prove She's Alive After Gov Declares Her Dead

"...Barbara Murphy isn’t dead. But the federal government thinks she has been deceased for two years...

Though Murphy is alive and well, a death certificate has been connected to her, leading the Social Security Administration to believe she died in July 2014. Now, the federal government has been attempting to take back two years worth of Social Security payments and to recoup any Medicare or Medicaid dollars put toward Murphy’s treatment during that time."


Aug 19, 2016

Social Security Backs Off Cellphone Requirement

"...After an outcry from older Americans, as well as a letter from two United States senators, the agency backed off the cellphone-based code requirement.

“Our aggressive implementation inconvenienced or restricted access to some of our account holders,” said a statement emailed by an agency spokesman, Mark Hinkle. “We are listening to the public’s concerns and are responding by temporarily rolling back this mandate.”

The change means users can log on to their online “mySocialSecurity” accounts as before, with just a username and password. If they want, they can choose the text option as added security feature, as has been the case since the accounts were first offered in 2012...."

Read more at The New York Times

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