Oct 15, 2015

No Increase in 2016 Social Security Benefits

"...There will be no benefit increase next year for millions of Social Security recipients, disabled veterans and federal retirees, the government said Thursday.

It's just the third time in 40 years that payments will remain flat. All three times have come since 2010.

And there's more bad news. The lack of a benefit increase means that many older people could face higher Medicare costs, an issue that has advocates lobbying Congress..."

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Mar 11, 2015

Top Secrets to Maxing out Social Security Spousal Benefits

"...If there’s one set of rules worth understanding, it’s spousal benefits. Every year, couples leave literally billions of dollars on the table because they make the wrong claiming choices. Here are three secrets to getting this claim right, and how they apply to your situation:..."

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Mar 10, 2015

Millions over age 112 have Social Security Numbers

"...Thousands of workers over the age of 100 applied for employment verification through the U.S. government in recent years.

It wasn’t a trend toward an older workforce, but a sign of identity fraud, according to federal auditors.

A recent watchdog review found that at least 6.5 million active Social Security numbers belong to people who are at least 112 years old and likely deceased..."

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Amnestied Illegals May Receive Social Security As Early As 2017

"...Illegal immigrants who take advantage of President Obama’s executive actions on immigration will soon collect another benefit: Social Security.  

Starting in 2017, the Social Security Administration expects that thousands of undocumented immigrants will begin collecting from the Old-Age, Survivor’s, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) program as a direct result of the president’s actions. In a letter to Republican senator Ron Johnson, chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, the SSA’s chief actuary Stephen Goss indicated that an additional 16,000 people will begin collecting OASDI benefits come 2017, and that the number of beneficiaries would continue to increase for 40 years thereafter, topping out at 695,000 people..."

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Feb 21, 2015

A Social Security Strategy Worth Considering

"...Is it a good idea to start your Social Security benefits as early as possible (at age 62), even if you don't need the income right away to meet your living expenses, and then invest this money for future use? A few readers asked this question in response to my recent post that analyzed the retirement income solutions that generated the highest retirement paycheck.

That's a good question, and there are a few different ways to look at it. The answer depends on four important factors:..."

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